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Earn As You Burn 6 Week Challenge
You pay $347 before August 19th 
(Normally $597!!)

Earn As You Burn RELOADED!

Come check out the ONLY Transformation Center in town that not only gets you rapid results but you finally get to see how MANY calories you burn during your workouts in REAL TIME!

Our members get real time feedback on their effort and performance. Our unique program technology has our members pushing harder and feeling motivated while consistently improving their fitness level.

- Earn money just for pushing hard in workouts!
- All members receive an end of workout email with results.
- Team building and individualized workouts.
- Personalized heart rate zones bases on each member’s unique fitness level.
- Track results online and on your phone after each workout!
The Challenge
How Does It Work?
  • All contestants start with zero points
  • By working out in your target heart rate zone you accumulate points
  •  Attending class earns you points
  •  Dropping body fat adds bonus points to your overall total

You get TWO opportunities to WIN money back!! Unlike traditional weight loss competitions we aren’t holding you to unrealistic expectations. We are holding you to the standard of working hard and gaining the results YOU are looking for!

The Sweat Heroes group solution is designed for fitness classes ranging from HIIT to functional training, kickboxing, POUND and bootcamps. 

Our program seamlessly integrating with the Sweat Heroes+ heart rate monitor we are able to track, rank, and reward our members with real-time results.
So What Do You get?
  • Professionally designed meal plan by a Certified Sports
  • Nutritionist/Holistic Trainer ($199 value)
  • Nutrition & Motivation Workshop ($100 value)
  • No Enrollment ($100 value)
  • Grocery Shopping Trip with Holistic Nutritionist ($199 value)
  • Unlimited Training 7 Days a week ($127 value)
  • Heart Rate Monitor ($50 value)
  • Access to private Facebook group 
  • TOTAL over $775 value!!!
We create fun team and club wide challenges that get all members coming back for more!

Watch how well you are doing by viewing the large screens and see your name burning calories in live time each and every workout!
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Earn As You Burn 6 Week Challenge For $347
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