Written by Sweat Heroes on March 2nd 2018
If you want to lose weight, there’s only one way to do it. You eat fewer calories than you burn. You can boost that loss by including some thermogenic foods. These top fat burning foods help you by increasing the number of calories you burn, effectively making weight loss easier. Basically, they force your body...
Written by Sweat Heroes on February 26 2018
I frequently get questions on how to beat a plateau and always give the same answers. While plateauing for shorter periods doesn’t always mean you aren’t making progress, it can be quite emotionally deflating if you’re working your hardest and don’t think you’re progressing toward your goal. The first thing I tell people is to...
Written by Sweat Heroes on February 14th 2018
Does exercise make you lose fat? Exercise is part of the fat burning regimen, but the real answer to fat loss is to consume fewer calories than you burn. Exercise helps you burn calories. However, if you workout for an hour and then go with the gang for pizza and a few beers after your...
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