What Is Your Favorite Holiday DIY

If you’re feeling funky, stressed or depressed over the coming holiday season, I always recommend exercising. Sometimes that’s just not enough and you need something to get into the spirit. That’s when it comes time to find a favorite holiday DIY decoration or gift giving idea that will brighter your day while you make it, give a sense of pride, lift the blues and make others happy in the process. What’s your favorite? Here are some I’ve seen or done over the years.

Upscale trash to a treasure.

Holiday crafts don’t have to cost a fortune. You can find sturdy wood furniture that has good bones and remake it. One of my clients found she loved doing this. It got her out of the house and kept her mind off food while she was trying to lose weight. She went into it with both feet and found chairs to reupholster and even changed the height of some by cutting off the legs. By Christmas time, she had renovated some of her own furniture, refurbished new pieces and even created a few beautiful one of a kind side tables. She had a mixture of old furniture, crates and new fabric all mixed for a wide selection for gifts and to keep. She lost ten pounds while she was doing it and never felt deprived because she was too busy having fun.

Decorate your home with wreaths and other beautiful items.

Create a wreath for the door or make delightful indoor décor. What you choose depends on your decorating ideas and needs. Whether you go for a walk to pick up natural items like nuts, twigs and branches for a wreath (That’s my favorite because you get exercise and free raw materials.) turn trash to treasures or pop down to your favorite craft store for supplies, decorating for the holidays can be fun and bring the spirit of family back into Christmas. Creating homemade wreaths of ornaments flocked in Epsom’s salts for a snowy holiday look, reminiscent of Christmas scenes we just don’t have locally, makes a showy piece for above the fireplace.

From fizzy herbal bath bombs to monogrammed towels, here are some DIY projects everyone will love.

Check the internet and you’ll find hundreds of DIY gift ideas. I love the easy ones that have a big impact, such as homemade soap with relaxing essential oils or breaking out the sewing machine or embroidery needles to add a monogram on towels. We received a set of monogrammed bath towels one year from a relative and loved them to this day. We keep them on display on the towel rack when guests come over to the house. You can even etch glasses with a monogram. While I’ve never done it, I heard it wasn’t a hard job.

  • You might not think of it as a DIY or even a gift, but the gift of time and some effort are cherished. We give an elderly aunt one weekend of free labor. We do the home repairs she needs to be done, yardwork and even cook for her while we’re there.
  • Speaking of cooking, making homemade soups and freezing them in ice cube trays, then filling freezer bags with the cubes are a great DIY gift. A few cubes in a cup or a bowl and a minute or two in the microwave make a quick and delicious lunch for someone on your gift list.
  • Homemade cards are perfect for the holiday season. We ask everyone to make us a card rather than buying one, since many cards cost more than the gift. It keeps more money in their pocket and we love the creativity.
  • Create a breath of fresh air. Homemade poopourri put into inexpensive spritzer bottles help keep the holiday spirit, by keeping your bathroom smelling great, no matter who was in there last.

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