Top Fat-Burning Foods

If you’re trying to shed those last few pounds, you’ll probably jump at the chance of including the top fat- burning foods in your diet. These foods may burn more calories to digest than they contain, build muscle tissue—which burns more calories than fat tissue does—or promote the burning of fat. Some of the foods are high in fiber, which also fills you up so you won’t be tempted to eat more than you should. One of these foods is almonds that have the skins on them. They not only help fill you up, but also build muscle tissue.

Foods that burn more calories than they contain have a high thermogenic effect.

Fiber rich whole grains burn more calories than processed foods do. In fact, just to break down the food for use in the body requires almost twice as many calories as the food offers. Brown rice is one example of this type of food. It even starts out lower in calories than it’s cousin white rice. Another is oatmeal. Be aware that it’s not the type of instant oatmeal you find in a box of bags that has flavors lie maple sugar. Those are all highly processed. Lean protein like chicken breast also requires a high percentage of its calories to be used for digestion, about 1/3. Think celery and you’d be right if you’re guessing it has a high thermogenic effect.

Some foods boost your metabolism to increase weight loss.

Your metabolism rate is the amount of energy it takes for your body to run. For instance, biochemical processes are continually going even when you sleep. You burn calories breathing. Your body requires energy no matter how still you stand or inactive you are. The more calories it requires, the easier it is to lose weight. A healthy metabolism is a sign that you’re body is in good working order. Almonds, beans, lean meat, eggs, chia seeds and even dark chocolate are metabolism boosters.

It might sound too good to be true, but some foods contain nutrients that also burn fat.

Foods that help prevent spikes in your insulin level also help prevent fat storage, especially around the middle. They prevent adding more fat to your mid-section and help start the process of burning fat. Salmon and foods higher in Omega3 fatty acids help. Walnuts fall into this group. Other foods that help prevent insulin spikes in the body include Jerusalem artichokes, sardines, kale, olive oil and brown rice.

  • Want a quick fix that lasts several hours? A cup of green tea will boost your metabolism into high gear will do the trick.
  • Hemp seeds can give your metabolism a quick boost. Sprinkle some on your cereal or in your smoothie.
  • Start your day with a banana and you’ll burn more calories. The potassium in it can increase your basal metabolism—the number of calories you burn while awake, yet at rest.
  • The capsaicin in hot peppers can burn your mouth, but it also does a number on fat. It heats up the body, breaks down fat and burns calories in the process.

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