Low Carb Diet For Beginners

If you’re just delving into the various types of diets available, I always recommend a healthy diet that does eliminate any food groups, but also doesn’t include processed foods. However, some people find that starting a weight loss program with a modified low carb diet is extremely beneficial. Here’s some information on a low carb diet for beginners. It offers not only the types of foods to eat on this diet, but also the positives and negatives. One of the positives, of course, is that it contains no processed foods, which is always healthy.

Low carb diets have many health benefits.

Besides weight loss, a low carb diet can be good for reducing the bad cholesterol, the LDL cholesterol, and increasing the good cholesterol, the HDL cholesterol. It also improves triglycerides and helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Many of the foods consumed in this type of diet also have health benefits. For instance, grass fed beef and products from grass fed cows are recommended over grain fed meat or dairy products. Grass fed beef and the butter of grass fed cows contain as much as five times more Omega- fatty acids and twice as much Conjugated Linoleic Acid—CLA, both have huge benefits, including improved heart health and lower body fat.

It’s easier to look at the foods to avoid on a low carb diet.

Many of the foods that aren’t allowed on a low carb diet are also eliminated when you start eating healthy. Soft drinks, processed foods, candy or sugar products, artificial sweeteners, ice cream and most vegetable oils. It might interest you to know that most low fat or diet foods on the market are also eliminated. They are processed foods and often not that healthy for you. The big difference between healthy eating and the low carb diet is that pasta and breads aren’t allowed.

The low carb diet contains food high in protein and some fat.

You normally get most of your energy from carbohydrates, but the low carb diet changes that. In a normal carb diet, your body changes the carbs glucose to glycogen, then it’s stored in the liver. When the liver is at maximum capacity, the extra carbs are then stored as fat. When you cut back on carbohydrates, you force our body to seek fuel elsewhere and that comes from body fat. It also lowers the insulin level, which helps lower the potential for insulin resistance, a precursor to Type II diabetes.

  • A low carbohydrate diet won’t hurt you as long as you use it sensibly. Don’t limit your carbs to low or you could be restricting your diet beyond the point of healthy.
  • Many of the food choices in low carb diets are also part of eating healthy. While vegetables contain carbohydrates, they’re different from those found in sugary treats. Those in vegetables are complex carbs and take longer to get into your bloodstream, so they don’t spike your sugar levels.
  • Whether you’re eating healthy or starting a low carb diet, ensuring you have a wide variety of food choices and colors on your plate helps you get the nutrients you need.
  • Starting a low carb diet can be easy. Start by eliminating processed foods, then bread, sugar products and pasta. It’s the same way to start a plan of healthy eating.

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