Eating Like A Caveman

Eating like a caveman is how people on the Paleo diet eat. The diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs and nuts. It represents the way our ancestors ate before agriculture took the world by storm and changed eating habits. It also represents a time when you knew exactly what the ingredients were in your food, because the food was simple. It was a vegetable, meat, nut, egg or fruit with no chemical additives. Does eating like a caveman include bread or noodles? Absolutely not! Cavemen didn’t make bagels, sour dough bread or angel hair noodles. They ate simple meals.

Is the caveman diet healthy?

You know that when we talk about eating healthy, we’re talking about eating food that isn’t processed and closer to whole. That’s really what the caveman diet is all about. The biggest difference is that with healthy eating, grains are allowed, but not with the Paleo diet. Some of the foods eliminated by the Paleo diet are actually healthy for you. All grains are eliminated, legumes such as beans, peanuts and soy are eliminated (sorry, no hummus). Milk, cheese and all dairy are eliminated. Starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn are out, too. For some people, this wipes out half of their healthy diet.

The choices are limited on the Paleo diet.

If you stick strictly to the Paleo diet, you’re eliminating many foods. That can be quite boring. It also makes it difficult for a vegetarian to be on this type of diet, since their primary protein source is beans and those aren’t allowed. Instead, the vegetarian has to rely strictly on nuts and seeds as a protein source. It’s also hard to get carbs, which are needed for energy. That can be tough on athletes or people working out.

You’ll lose weight and it makes choosing food easier.

There’s no doubt about it, with the caveman diet you’ll be able to easily identify the foods you can and you can’t eat. It also helps you shed pounds fast and is pretty healthy, aside from a few negatives, as long as you choose from all the food groups. You won’t have to read labels, because processed foods are not part of the diet. Many of the foods, particularly the fresh fruits and vegetables are anti-inflammatory, so you’ll be doing your body a favor. However, I still prefer a modified form of the diet that you can eat for a lifetime and never get weary of the same old things. It includes dairy and grain, but definitely eliminates processed foods that contain more preservatives than it does nutrition.

  • The caveman diet is extremely rigid, while eating healthy isn’t. If you eat a slice of cake, you still can be eating healthy as long as there’s portion control and it’s only occasionally. Even small transgressions aren’t allowed on the caveman diet.
  • The caveman diet can get a little pricey, so prepare your budget for it.
  • Eating a healthy diet is normally the best route to take. You can model it after the Paleo diet with just a few modifications to make it more well rounded.
  • Create a colorful plate when you eat. Choose vegetables and fruit with a lot of color and variety.

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