Does Exercise Make You Lose Fat

Does exercise make you lose fat? Exercise is part of the fat burning regimen, but the real answer to fat loss is to consume fewer calories than you burn. Exercise helps you burn calories. However, if you workout for an hour and then go with the gang for pizza and a few beers after your workout, followed by a rich, creamy dessert, the potential for weight loss is limited. You have to combine a healthy diet with regular exercise to get the most from that workout.

All types of exercise are good, but some are better for weight loss.

At one time, aerobic exercise was touted as the top way to lose weight. People ran like crazy on treadmills and rode stationery bikes for hours on the road to a better body. While they did get results, the results weren’t as good as they hoped. However, they did get a great deal of heart healthy benefits and there’s nothing wrong with that! Yoga is exceptional for balance/flexibility and some say yoga helps with weight loss because it increases activity and makes you more aware of what you eat, but it’s not a fat burning exercise.

Lifting weights and strength building will burn your calories and also burn fat!

While it really doesn’t burn fat specifically, when you short your body on calories, while boosting exercise, you burn calories and lose weight. When you do cardiovascular exercises, such as running, bike riding and dance, you lose weight if it’s combined with a healthy diet because you burn more calories than you consume. However, not all that weight loss is fat, some is muscle weight. You’ll look thinner and may even be so thin that you don’t have much fat, but you also lose important muscle mass that helps keep weight from returning.

Keep your muscle tissue and burn fat continuously.

Muscle tissue requires more energy to maintain than fat tissue does. It’s also more compact and denser than fat tissue. One cubic inch of muscle tissue weighs more than a cubic inch of fat. Therefore, if you weigh 120 pounds, but have more muscle tissue, you’ll look thinner than someone that weighs the same with more fat tissue. You’ll probably have a thinner waist and far less belly fat. That’s the real goal, looking thinner and fitter no matter what the scales say. Strength building exercises does that for you and effectively burns fat rather than muscle mass.

  • You need to get plenty of sleep if you want to burn fat. During sleep, your body uses fat exclusively as its source of energy.
  • Drink plenty of water when working out. Staying adequately hydrated not only boosts the effectiveness of your workout and keeps you feeling fuller, it helps boost your metabolism and burn fat more effectively.
  • Varying your caloric intake can help boost fat burning by keeping your metabolism working at full force.
  • Some foods are better fat burners than others. For instance, putting a little spice in your food, such as turmeric and black pepper or adding hot peppers to a dish, can improve your fat burning abilities.

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