Create A Fitness Bucket List

If you want to enjoy your fitness program more, it’s time to get creative by making a bucket list. When you create a fitness bucket list, remember, these aren’t necessarily NOW goals, but goals you’d eventually like to achieve. Some, particularly tough ones, may need to be completed before you get to old and your performance slows. Others can be done at any time.

Have you always considered running a marathon, but running isn’t your thing?

The fun part of creating a bucket list is that you actually get to analyze your goals. If you’ve always wanted to run in a marathon, but aren’t fond of running, it’s obviously the attraction of challenging yourself to a grueling task that involves stamina and endurance. There are other competitions with a marathon style that don’t involve running. The strongman competitions are one example. You might try a competition like a triathlon, where running is a third of the competition, not the whole thing.

Do the perfect pull-up, power lift or extended forearm plank.

Sometimes taking a simple exercise, such as a push-up or forearm plank and creating a challenge that surpasses your imagination and present ability is a great item for your bucket list. Items for your bucket list don’t have to be dazzling or sophisticated. They can be simple, but something that you really want to do. Consider holding your body in push up position for a few minutes or doing the perfect pull up and holding as one option.

Get flexible.

I had a client who confessed to me that as a child, she saw a woman on television do a back bend and bring her head up between her legs in back bend form. It fascinated her and she worked on it for years. She never achieved it…at least not yet…but she does have amazing flexibility and abdominal muscles from trying. Your bucket list item could be something as simple as that. You should have a variety of items that cover all types of fitness.

– Take a trip for fitness. Consider hiking or bouldering as part of the trip. Maybe even hiking a famous historical trail. One man in my group is older than most of my clients. His bucketlist includes hiking the trails at every national park.

– Ride a bike on an overnight trip. The preparation and excitement of taking an overnight trip or a week long trip on a back is an excellent bucket list option.

– Don’t worry if your bucket list items don’t impress anyone else. They just have to get your juices flowing.

– Learn an ancient discipline like Qigong or even learn advanced yoga. Many of these are good for both the mind and the body.

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