Change Your Thinking About Exercise

In order to achieve the results you want, you need to change your thinking about exercise, which will also

boost your results.

Working out is more than just a physical activity, it’s also a mental activity. While you’re training your

body, you’re also training your neural pathways in the brain. In fact, some studies show that mentally

exercising—doing the exercises in your head—can actually achieve great results. In fact, Olympic

athletes use mental practice to improve their performance. If practicing through visualization improves

performance, it’s easy to understand how much control your mind has on your body. In fact, you can

change your thinking about exercise and find you’ll start to look forward to those workouts you’ve been


Think about the prize at the end, but focus on the successes today.

Don’t wait to reach your ultimate goal to give yourself some praise and bask in the sunlight of

success. Sometimes, just making it through a difficult workout or sticking with healthy meals for a week

are great successes. Enjoy them and give yourself a mental hug for your success. Changing to a

healthier lifestyle rewards you in many ways from a better looking body to great health, but while

you’re on the path, you need some adda’ boys from yourself for your smart decisions.

Stay positive.

You gain nothing by being down on yourself and punishing yourself for being overweight or out of

shape. If you’ve slipped and forgot a workout day or ate too much at the family reunion, don’t beat

yourself up. Remember, it’s just one mistake and no reason to quit striving for a healthier lifestyle. While

you don’t want it to become a pattern, it won’t if you get back to your goals and stay positive. Not

only should you stay positive, surround yourself with positive loving people who also want to see

you succeed.

The scales are your guide, not your master.

Skip stepping on the scales each day. Take a break from weighing in and follow your workout and

eating plan. Don’t let the scales define who you are. Do, however, weigh in once a week at the same time

and on the same day to make sure you don’t need to make changes or adjust the plan. Weighing in too

frequently can give misinformation, since weight will fluctuate based on many things, including

fluid retention. The scales are just a guide to help you stay on course, not an instrument of torture.

Living an active lifestyle isn’t all about working out at the gym. Remember that there are other

ways to get exercise, such as riding a bike, rock climbing and swimming. Even spending a day at

an amusement park or zoo provides lots of walking. It adds extra zest to your workout program.

Take your workout outside when you can. The sunshine and closeness to Mother Nature can boost

your spirits and feelings of well being.

Get a workout buddy. Our boot camp provides a boost to your energy and lots of positive

reinforcement at each session.

Add yoga to the mix. There’s no better way to get in touch with yourself and improve focus and


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