Cardio Vs Weights

If you’ve spent much time working out, you’ve undoubtedly heard discussions or read articles about the benefits of Cardio vs Weights and visa versa. One study states that cardio will get you to the thin sleek look you want, while another tells you to lose the most weight, you need to pump iron or face being disappointment after a few months of training. So which one is better? The truth is, both are necessary to have the body that you want.

Cardio burns calories, but you lose more than just fat.

Even though you’ll burn more calories with cardio training, according to one study from Duke University, there’s a catch. Another study divided subjects int two groups. One group did cardio training, while the other did strength training, working out with weights. Both groups dieted and lost 21 pounds during the study. That would make it seem they were equal. However, the study went one step further to see more about the weight loss and found that the cardio group actually lost only 15 pounds in fat and 6 pounds in muscle, while those using weights lost all fat. As a result, they actually looked thinner, which after all is the goal.

When you gain muscle tissue, you burn more calories.

Cardio is good for many things, including burning calories and building endurance, but it won’t build muscle tissue like weights do. One study shows that as you build muscle tissue, for every three pounds of muscle you build, you’ll burn an extra 120 calories a day! That means lifting weights can help you boost your metabolism and burn more calories even when you’re not working out.

Should you go for quick weight loss or building muscle tissue?

Still another study tracked obese people who used only exercise to shed those extra pounds. It showed that cardio only lost weight, cardio plus weights lost even more weight and gained muscle and weights alone gained weight, but it was lean muscle mass. What is the take away? Combining the two gets the best results, which is what everyone probably knew before the study.

– To be your fittest, you need all types of exercise. Fitness is more than just weight loss. It’s endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. Each one improves the body and keeps it healthy in different ways.

– Get a vigorous workout with timed workouts that push you hard for cardio, while providing strength training at the same time.

– Combining cardio and strength training can be as simple as using kettlebells or pushing hard when strength training to beat the clock.

– Doing any type of training is far better than doing nothing! Also, to get the best results, you need to fuel your body right with a nutritionally balanced healthy diet.

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