Expect To Suck At First

No matter how fit you are, if you’re starting a new program of fitness with exercises you’ve never performed, expect to suck. Since most people aren’t fitness gurus when they begin at the gym, it can be twice as bad. You may have visions of moving fluidly across the floor, lifting weights easily and keeping ahead of the pack, but if you’re doing that, I, or one of the other trainers, haven’t created an appropriate program for your level of fitness. The goal is to make you work hard and that means struggling.

It’s more than just about your level of fitness and hard work.

You’ll be learning new moves and how to do them. Form is extremely important and some of the moves may be quite foreign to your body. When you combine that learning curve with a difficult program, you can easily see how your first few weeks of exercise will leave you feeling a bit self-conscious and feeling like a dud, but don’t worry. Everyone else is feeling the same way, even if they don’t show it. In most cases, they’re more focused on their short-comings to ever notice yours.

Feeling awkward is no reason to stop the program.

Unless you’re one of those fortunate people who automatically jumped on the dance floor and Michael Jacksoned their way across the room, you probably felt foolish when you first started dancing. In fact, some of you may not dance today because of it. That’s sad because it’s not only fun, it’s great exercise. Working out is a lot like dancing. Every once in a while, there’s a person who immediately grasps the movements. However, unlike dancing, we make it hard enough for their fitness level that you’ll still see them flounder when it comes to performing them. Looking awkward should never be incentive to quit, but it should be incentive to improve.

One way to feel better is to chart your progress.

Trainers keep records. The primary reason is to modify the program as you improve or find ways to make the workout better. However, they can also be great sources of inspiration. You may not remember how hard it was your first day and still feel like you’re struggling, but when you look at your workout history, you’ll notice just how much you’ve improved. After a few weeks, those exercises you did the first week will be child’s play.

  • It’s only hard if you think it is. Changing the way you think can make a difference in your success. If you focus on how your improving or look at each movement as a step to better performance, you’ll look forward to your next day at the gym.
  • Stay consistent. Create a schedule for working out and stick with it. You’ll be doing better in no time.
  • Practice the moves at home. If you’re having a horrible time remembering each move, ask your trainer for written directions you can practice at home to improve your form. Just work on form without worrying about weights or repetitions.
  • Enjoy and don’t worry about anything but your goals. If you’re working your hardest, you’ll look fabulous and feel great in no time.

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